Are you still searching to find a way to sobriety ? For 50 years, I was. But what if there was a pathway that you never considered before?

I have always been a highly disciplined person and the Chassidic lifestyle I follow can be demanding. Still, I could not figure out how to free myself from my alcoholism. That is, until I made an intellectual discovery that changed everything. At once enlightening and practical, Kabbalah—and its modern-day accessible form, Chassidus–shed light on the reasons I was failing, and more importantly, revealed the way out of the woods and away from this beast.

The pathway I present in this book will allow you discover for yourself how to get and keep sober. Your efforts will finally bear fruit as you learn to

  • Train and channel your destructive impulses (and experience the joy of it)
  • Feed your soul so that it is not starving for the wrong things
  • Heal your relationships
  • Gain the freedom that you never thought possible
  • Empower yourself with a meaningful and happy life

While the particulars of my story are specific, the method and tools for becoming free of any addiction are universal. And that’s why they work. In less than 60 days.

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Everyone is Addicted – Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back!

If you are sincere in wanting to free yourself from your addiction. If you buy my book and follow the directions. Then, if for any reason, within 60 days of purchase, you are not satisfied we will refund your full purchase price. For a full refund send us your receipt of purchase the book to Everyoneisaddicted1@gmail.com

YOU KEEP THE BOOK. Maybe you will try again or pass it on to someone who sincerely wants to be sober.

Guarantee applies to hardcover only

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