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His Published Works

Everyone Is Addicted: A vigilantly researched and practiced method to cure your addiction in 60 days guaranteed. For 50 years, the author struggled with alcoholism until, through faith and diligent practice, he found his way out of the darkness. In his book, he teaches you the steps and practices that finally released him from the chains of addiction, and now he wants to help you free yourself.

Jon C from Mexico City. “I have been in recovery for over ten years, and I thought that I knew it all. Your book is truly enlightening, truthful, and in plain English. The AA Big Book doesn’t come close. Thank you so much for reaching out to help those that need help.”


Soul Cloud: This book is a science fiction thriller from the imagination of Author Yosef Kutner. The story is about three brilliant MIT graduate students who develop a revolutionary plan to upload a brain into a supercomputer. The book explores the scientific genius of these three students and the spiritual ramifications of playing God. It asks: Should we do something just because we have the technology to do it?

Charles D. Amazon Customer. 5.0 out of 5 stars. With all the talk of Artificial Intelligence, this book makes you think of all the possibilities.


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