Preface From The Book

I want to thank you for the privilege of trusting me with your struggle, for the opportunity to accompany you on your return to yourself—back to the real you.

After almost five decades of endeavoring to live as a Chassidic Jew, I came to the realization that I was among the worlds’ hypocrites. I observed the laws, customs, and every discipline that is part and parcel of this traditional lifestyle. On the outside, I was what I aspired to be, but who was I kidding? I realized that I was not the human being I aspired to be. I continually contemplated what and who I really was. Why did I doubt myself so?

Because I was addicted to alcohol; I was just a drunk— no better than
any person who lived a lie or never learned who he or she really was. I had come to see the bare truth: Addictions of the body are the antithesis of the lifestyle I was trying to follow. I thought about this situation incessantly. If, in my return to my roots, I was convinced that I had found the truthful way to live, why was I not living it honestly and thoroughly? After all, my mind was in agreement with the teachings, but I had not let them fully influence my body (as was evident in that litmus test of spirituality: the control of one’s urges and impulses). I finally realized that the only way for me to save myself was to live what I believed by stopping to use alcohol.

I did, and now I don’t drink. I don’t want to. It took me nearly half a
century to get to this place. If you, dear reader, follow the plan that I lay
out here, you can be there in a month or so.

I am no different than you. I am going to share my experience, but I
understand only certain aspects of my experience to be universal. In
sharing, I hope to be of aid to you. This is not only about the ridding of
one’s addictions, but is also about accomplishing whatever you want to
do with your life. That is because the two are linked and the common
denominator will help you unleash power you might not have known that you have.

This book is for every person with an inquisitive mind (and somewhat of an analytical mind as well). Since it is based on my personal experience, the ideas presented here come through the prism of my subjective Jewish perspective, but they are really principles that are fundamental and universal and useful for any searching soul.

I have outlined the whys and the ways to obtain a meaningful life.
I guarantee that if you apply yourself in learning what is contained here
and follow the course outline and the daily schedule, then you will be
relieved of enslavement to your urges that have you feeling trapped.

By no means is this an easy read, and activating its suggestions will require some discipline, but I am convinced that it will be the beginning of an exciting journey—one on which you will likely discover a future of learning and expanding your Cognitive Powers and your Raised Consciousness. Spiritual elevation or freedom doesn’t come by windfall; it comes through persistent effort. Still, there are also those wonderful waves to catch which bring encouragement and joy into the process as well.

It has been wisely said that the proper approach to a problem is half a solution. As I have said, it took me virtually a lifetime to comprehend the subjects covered below. Every day I learn more still. I have condensed profound teachings into this small space in as pragmatic a form as possible. In carefully adhering to the course outline and study schedule, you will be tapping into resources that may surprise you and help you close the chapter of your personal enslavement.