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Shmuel K, from Israel, 23-year-old College Grad and Gamer. “ I have been undergoing Cognitive Therapy for many years. Your book is so clear that I wish that I knew the information before I started therapy. I read this book every day during my lunch break. I love that you though to have added many pages at the back of the book for notes. And believe me I read with a pen in hand so I can record my thoughts
Jon C from Mexico City. “ I have been in recovery for over 10 years and I thought that I knew it all. Your book is truly enlightening, truthful and in plain English. The AA Big Book doesn’t come close. Thank you so much for reaching out to help those that need help
Mike D. from Las Vegas. “ I have struggled my entire life with alcohol. Finally, with your fabulous book, I was able to figure out what my problems are. I am not Jewish and at first I hesitated to begin this read. I am so happy that I did. You gave me understanding and I will always be grateful. My deep love and appreciation.
Ben B movie director/producer, “ I was intrigued by the title and now I am Addicted to the terrific insight. I have learned more about myself than I ever expected to know.
From the Daughter of our oldest family friends, “ I really enjoyed the "down to earth" and honest way in which you write and your use of practical and real life "meshalim" (examples) is right up my alley. Having been brought up with Chassidus, it was a breath of fresh air to see and read familiar concepts presented without all the "holy and pie-in-the-sky" terms and jargon. While I am not an addict in the typical sense, many people are addicted to negative behaviors and I guess can learn from those who conquered addictions to things that are (seemingly) more dangerous.